Player Profile: #20 Logan Barnard

This next player’s quite the jokester, as you’ll get from her answers below – #20, Logan Barnard!

Name: Logan Barnard

Year: Freshman

Position: Defense

Hometown: Watertown, NY

Nickname: Log, Logie (Bear), Logan Berry, Your Highness


Athlete: Air Bud

Team: Mighty Ducks

Movie: Documentary of Lewis and Clark

TV show: TV shows aren’t my favorite

Book: The dictionary

Food: Anything Mama Hughes makes

Quote: “Your ability to find the silly in the serious will take you far.” – My fortune cookie

If I could

Vacation in the world: Go everywhere

Pick my dream job: Do nothing and get paid for it

Pick someone to star as me in a movie: Squirt from Finding Nemo

Change one thing in the world: No garbage

I can’t live without: I’m going to say breathing…

I could live without: Dying

On my iPod: The Tarzan soundtrack

Pet Peeve: Litter bugs

Proudest sport moment: Being undefeated in pool, except against Emily Bryerton. We tied.

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