Weekend Update

A few times each season, our team takes off for back-to-back away games and have to have an overnight trip.  So what does one do on these trips?

Well, a lot of homework.  But there are some other fun things we do too!

This weekend, Fisher Lax Alum Trish Scudder joined us for a team dinner and caught up!

Back at the hotel, the Country Inn and Suites conveniently had some board games for their guests.  Clearly, we had to play a game of “Life”.

And on the way home, we took a stop by Taughannock Falls to take a team picture.

And lastly, a quick peek at our luggage.  Fisher could keep Vera Bradley up and running by themselves! This doesn’t include the 5 or 6 other bags and purses in the front of the bus…

Next up: Our first player profile will be posted soon!




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