You may have seen Fisher Laxers walking around campus wearing shirts decorated with the letters “D.T.D.W.” on the back.  After seeing these shirts, you may be asking one or two questions.

Kristen and Bre showing off the shirts.

First, if it was a freshman or first-year player, why the heck are those shirts so ugly? (If “dusty brown” is your favorite color, then I apologize that it is.) But more importantly, what does “D.T.D.W.” mean?!

Well, D.T.D.W is our motto, theme and credence for the 2011 season.  When we’re struggling in a game or we just don’t have the energy to run six-packs or the yo-yo sprint test, we remember: Fisher Lax is D.T.D.W.

Fisher Lax is…what?

Fisher Lax is…Dominating, Tenacious and Daring Winners?

Well, clearly, but that’s not what it means.

Fisher Lax is…Driven To Defeat Wussies?

I wish we had thought of this one in the first place!

Fisher Lax is…Drawing The Disgusting Weather?

It sure seems that way.  I think we have yet to play in a game that didn’t require Under Armour.

Fisher Lax is D.T.D.W. – DOWN TO DO WORK!

This season is all about working as hard as we can, every day for the two or so hours.  It doesn’t matter if it’s practice, a game or a team run; each day is the opportunity to improve some aspect of our game.

This team has the ability to push itself to levels I have never seen before.  We are the most dedicated, hard working and determined teams I have ever been a part of.  But what I love about this team so much, it our ability to get in and get the job done.

We’ve seen how hard we can work.  Against Oneonta, we had a fairly tight game after halftime.  So what did we do? We went to work and put the game away.

Against Union, we did the work needed to secure the win.

Against Buffalo State, we ended a back-and-forth game to knockoff an undefeated team.

Against William Smith, we showed our hunger the most.  Being down 4-0, we could have easily rolled over and accepted a defeat.  But we didn’t.  This team won’t do that.  Instead, we went to work and got the job done, beating the #19 team in the nation.

Hamilton is an example of what happens when the work is not there.  For those who watched, I’m not going to sugarcoat it.  It was clearly not the Fisher team our fans are used to seeing.  It’s not the team that our supporters deserve to see.  It’s not the team that we deserve to be.

But, as every loss is, it’s a learning experience.  And from that loss, we plan to come out even harder and stronger as we start conference play this weekend.

Conference play is what matters the most.  It’s the easiest ticket to the NCAA tournament, but it’s always a battle.  We play some very good teams, and in order to reach the National Tournament, Fisher Lax needs to be Down To Do Work every day.

Next Games:

Friday, April 1st at Elmira College – 4 p.m.

*Note: The location of this game may be changed – parents and fans will be notified as soon as this is determined.

Saturday, April 2nd at Ithaca College – 12 p.m.



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