Well , it was nice to finally get a W against William Smith! Let’s make it the start of a new era!  Those teams in the past 7 years who have played their hearts out, but come up one or two goals short… you were there with us! We have come so far in our short time as a program from the first few years in the NYSWCAA tourneys, to conference champs, to NCAA Sweet 16…. and stay posted for more…. the future is bright and so many thanks go out to all of you who were members of the teams through the years, your persistence has put us on this path as we keep growing every year, every season, every game.

I wanted to thank all of you and certainly those who follow us on the web or in person. Seeing your faces, getting your texts and emails is wonderful and help the current players understand that being part of the FISHER WOMEN’S LACROSSE PROGRAM goes far beyond graduation… what do they say… tradition never graduates… the traditions you set are our foundation on which we build… from 2002 to 2011… from PODUNKS to Ain’t No Mountain High Enough to TNT!

We are excited for our next challenge @ Hamilton College on Saturday!

Please put Sunday May 1 on your calendar, it is our 2011 Senior Home Game and we would like to get as many alum at the game as possible for a tailgate after!

Thanks again for all your support!    – coach

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2 Responses to Finally….

  1. Mary "Bergs" says:

    Oh yeah!!!!! I still remember playing them, and many other games. I am so excited that the team finally beat them. Fisher Lacrosse is the biggest reason why I decided to make lacrosse a huge part of my life after college. From coaching to playing, it has brought me to 17 different countries, given me many memories and friends, and even though I am never able to make it up due to my lax season here and my ADD with staying in one place, I make it to the SJFC lacrosse site every week! Everyone should proud to be a part of this program.
    Many thanks to coach McHale. There would have been no “program” without you. Although if you asked me if I ever would have said that back while running a six pack….;)

  2. Laurie Quackenbush says:

    I think the following goes beyond the former players, many other athlete alumni are following and very proud! Keep it up! Goooo Fish

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