California Love

Disclaimer: I am no professional blogger like our very own Jackie Maynard. My vocabulary and creativity is far from her level and she probably will take away full blogging privileges after this.


We’re backkkkkk…and woke up the next morning to more snow than we would’ve liked to have welcome us home.

“No Bueno!”- Kristen Zylka

Our trip to Cali was amazing and we had a great time laxing under the sun and spending LOTS of time with each other (10 days of bonding). On Wednesday we took on the Claremont Mudd-Scripps but unfortunately didn’t fare as well as we did in our scrimmage vs. UCSB. The final score was 17-13 but we learned a lot about our game and what we need to work on this week in practice before we play Oneonta and Union College this weekend @ home.

Offensively, the CMS game taught us that when we take our time, we can click on all cylinders.  We capitalized on nearly every offensive possession, and even when increasing our tempo in the final minutes, we were able to get to the cage and score.  However, we all know that there are two sides to the game.  Though we were able to score when we had the ball, one issue we had was obtaining possession – mainly through draw controls.

We found that defensive transition was an area to improve and something we put a lot of focus into this week and hope to improve on in our games this weekend.

Despite the loss, the game was a great learning experience for us, and an amazing opportunity playing in the state of California.

After our game vs. Claremont in Ontario, CA we drove 2 hours south to San Diego (San DiAHgooo), our final stop for our spring break trip. Our hotel was right on Pacific Beach and right off of the boardwalk where there were of course more opportunities for all of us girls to use our credit cards : ) (Dad wasn’t too happy about that when he looked at my balance Monday morning). Thursday morning we headed to Mt. Cowles, thanks to Bridget’s uncle, where we hiked 1,591 feet above sea level and to the highest point in San Diego. The climb was a challenge but the view from the top was worth it!

Once we got back to the bottom we had the rest of the day to relax, shop, and go to dinner. Some of us walked on the beach, which led to this…

And this…

Friday morning we headed out early for a run on the boardwalk (I know we all would agree we would take a long run along the beach over Rochester weather right about now). Fisher Lax then took on the San Diego Zoo for 4 hours, surprisingly not enough time to get through the whole thing! Those of us that come from Syracuse were embarrassed for Burnet Park Zoo; San Diego put them to shame. We saw tons of animals, some I personally didn’t even know existed, but our team had some favorites of course. One in particular being Gao Gao the panda…

That night we all got fancy for our last dinner in Cali together at the Pacific Alehouse, where Kristen enjoyed playing with Jill and Jackie’s food…

The Alehouse is also the location for our first celebrity spotting when Meg (specialist) picked out Ali and Roberto from the Bachelorette at a nearby table…but Meg Merriam’s stalkerazzi skills didn’t stop there…as we were waiting in LAX for our flight our very own Bayou native crossed paths with Ashley Tisdale! We were hoping for more of an “A list” encounter but we’ll take what we can get.

Saturday started with an early morning run before we left for the airport to head back home, it was a full day of travel but we eventually touched down in Roc around midnight. Mixed feelings about being back, we all miss the warm weather and the change of scenery of course but we’re excited to start our season out right here in New York starting this Friday! Practice today definitely wasn’t the same with UnderArmour on and no chance at a tan but I figured out that if you cross your eyes the snow piles lining the sides of the turf look sort of like the mountains in California.

Check back soon for updates on the outcomes of this weekends’ matchups! In the meantime, here are some pics from the rest of our trip!

Tori (l) and Taylor (r) found, and killed, some clams they found on the beach

(l to r) Melissa, Julia, Courtney, Shannon and Jackie at the San Diego Zoo

Seniors on top of the mountain in San Diego

Bridget and Logan on the mountain

Time to go home!

-Chrysa Leigh Lyons #15

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  1. Emily The Great says:

    Chrysa- that was superb! I had been looking forward to catching up on all the fun stuff we did! Oh and what is that girl doing on the pier? hmm…

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