Rain, Sun and Shopping – Oh My!

Two days down in Santa Barbara!

For those of you reading, we wanted to give you a quick recap of what we’ve done here so far in RAINY California.

Yesterday wasn’t the most welcoming to Fisher women’s lax, as we were greeted with pouring rain for our first practice at UC Santa Barbara.  But, we eagerly accepted the weather, knowing that Rochester was still buried under snow. (And can we just talk about the fact that Fisher decides to cancel classes when we’re NOT there?)

After practice we headed to “Jungle George’s Grill” for a dinner social with the UC Santa Barbara lax team, who we’ll be scrimmaging on Monday.  We bonded over our burgers and sweet potato fries; identifying, breaking and supporting all of the stereotypes we had of each other.  It was a lot of fun meeting other members of our lacrosse family, especially learning about the state of the sport on the West Coast.

After the previous night of traveling, we couldn’t wait to get to bed and finally get some rest.

Day two was much more exciting, starting with sunshine and ending with shopping 🙂 .  When you’re from Rochester, a sunny but breezy 50-degrees feels like a sauna, and to us, perfect lacrosse weather.

After another practice at UCSB, many took to the pool and enjoyed the California sun.  At four, we enjoyed the Early Bird special, and had a nice team dinner in downtown Santa Barbara.  Once we were full, we did what girls do best and hit up the shops.

Tomorrow we’ve got another morning practice, and then another night to enjoy in Santa Barbara.

Until then, here are some pictures for you to be jealous of:

On the way to our practice

Another shot of the Pacific

Downtown Santa Barbara

Our new team car

After Saturday's practice



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